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Collage featuring eight actor portraits, showcasing a broad spectrum of ages and ethnicities, highlighting the versatility of my photography skills.

Acting Headshots Phoenix

Capturing Your Stage Presence: Unforgettable Actor Headshots

One of the biggest hurdles actors face is having a headshot that truly showcases their range and essence. A headshot is more than just a photo; it’s an actor’s first audition, their calling card, and it needs to speak volumes.

The goal for my sessions is clear: to transcend the traditional headshot and capture the multifaceted talent and unique personality behind the face. We focused on creating a set of images that not only highlights your versatility but also resonates with casting directors looking for that perfect fit.

Our Essence, Our Lens: Tailored Headshot Sessions

The Marie Difference – No Time Pressure: Forget watching the clock or worrying about outfit limitations. Here, sessions are not bounded by time. Whether it takes an hour or an afternoon, the focus is on capturing headshots that are as dynamic and expressive as you are. With unlimited outfit changes, explore the vast spectrum of characters you can embody, from the enigmatic villain to the heartfelt hero, ensuring versatility across your portfolio.

Elegant full-length portrait of a black actress in a stunning red gown, gracefully seated on a bar stool and gazing away. Inspired by Mark Seliger's Vanity Fair Oscar Party Portraits, with a painted backdrop and hardwood floor.
Audition Headshot of a smiling woman with curly hair
Headshot of a 10 years ago boy with an intense gaze wearing a azure blue shirt photographed by Marie Feutrier in her Gilbert studio.
"Striking portrait of a black actress captured against a black background, emphasizing her expressive features and the subtle interplay of light and shadow that highlights her poise and intensity."
Portrait of a young black on black bacground
Portrait of an actress gazing thoughtfully away from the camera, capturing a reflective and introspective expression, set against a neutral backdrop to emphasize her contemplative mood.
Portrait of an actress gazing thoughtfully away from the camera, capturing a reflective and introspective expression, set against a neutral backdrop to emphasize her contemplative mood.
Dancer dressed in vibrant hanbok, showcasing intricate patterns and colors, captured in a dynamic pose that highlights the elegance and skill of the dancer

Audition Headshots and Casting Call Photography

Our promise to you? Headshots that are not just seen but felt. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but yours will be worth an entire script. From cinematic headshots that could grace movie posters to theatrical portraits that capture the essence of stage presence, your headshots will be your ticket to the next big role.

Collage of five portraits featuring actor Jackson, showcasing a range of expressions from thoughtful to joyful. Images include Jackson in different outfits, from casual tees to formal blazers, set against diverse backgrounds from urban brick to soft, neutral tones.
Collage of 3 actor headshots of Rashmita, an Indian-American actor, taken by Marie Feutrier in my Gilbert studio - featuring 1 headshot, 1 portrait on a light grey background sitting on a bar stool, and 1 portrait on a green backdrop in a shiny blouse, all showcasing different expressions to target various roles in the acting industry
Collage of 4 actor headshots of Paxton, a blonde-haired professional child model, taken in my Gilbert studio - featuring 2 eye-catching expressions in a blue t-shirt on a white background, and 2 photos in a green shirt, including one humorous shot of him seated at a desk, looking like a confused student, ideal for a Target back-to-school campaign

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Ready to transform your acting portfolio? Contact Marie and step into a world where every headshot is a step closer to your dreams. Because in this studio, we don’t just take photos; we craft legacies.

Marie showing her work to a modelon the camera screen