Branding Photography

Infuse your personality into your branding
Kyle's personal branding session

Which photos do you need to build your website?

Is your brand fresh and friendly or moody and mysterious? If you can tell me three words to describe it, I will build your photoshoot around them. I make sure that your branding photos are going to follow your marketing strategy to make your brand shine.

Branding photography involves creating banners, respecting your color scheme, or producing candid photos. That’s why I collaborate with your marketing teams and web designer to make sure you have the images you need

Kimberly listening to a client
Kimberly working with a client
Costume designer working on a mannequin

Your branding photos are going to follow your marketing strategy, and make your brand shine. We can use props and go on location.

✓ Photo of you working: Your clients want to know who they’re going to work with. Make it clear for them!

✓ Results: Fun, happy, celebrating. Show what you can do for your clients.

✓ Contact us: Friendly image of you. You can use my 70’s rotary phone as a prop.

✓ Candide photos: Portraits in casual clothing. Friendly, recognizable photos of you.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

“I’m going to use those perfect-looking stock photos” you might say. Unfortunately, those photos are generic and easy to spot. A study was done by Marketing Experiment. They build two websites; one with a smiling lady from a stock image and one with the founder of a company. When the recognizable image of the founder was used, visitors were 35 % more likely to sign up for a free consultation. The solution? Do like Bill Gates or Elon Musk; show your face!

Interior Designer relaxing with her dog