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My Camera, My Therapist: A Portrait Photographer’s Journey to Her Own Perfect Headshot

by | Behind the Scenes, Personal Stories

Have you ever seen a cat chasing its tail? Now, imagine the cat is a photographer. And the tail? Well, it’s the perfect headshot! That’s exactly the kind of whirlwind adventure my client embarked on recently, and I’m thrilled to share her story.

The Late Arrival: Nerves, Expectations, and a Dash of Perfectionism

She strolled into the studio thirty minutes late, with an air of frantic elegance about her. As she apologized for her tardiness, explaining how she wanted to look ‘just perfect’, I could see the nerves dancing in her eyes. No stranger to the world of photography herself, she knew the importance of a good headshot. Maybe that’s why the pressure was piled on.

You see, my client is a portrait photographer herself. Family pictures, women’s photography – she’s done it all. That’s perhaps why she was torn between having expectations and fearing a potential waste of money on something she could theoretically do herself. Little did she know, she was in for an enlightening experience!

The Session: A Peek Behind the Lens of a Headshot Photographer

Corporate headshot of a confident woman wearing a black suit on a grey backgroundA headshot session isn’t just about snapping a few pictures. It’s akin to orchestrating a symphony of expressions, attitudes, and emotions, all while ensuring the subject feels comfortable and confident. The task at hand was to bring out her genuine self in the shots, and boy, did we have a fun trick up our sleeve for that!

Remember the anecdote about April Fool’s Day, where she pranked her mother by switching sugar with salt, leading to a rather… salty cup of coffee? Well, that story was our golden ticket. As she recounted the prank, a big, genuine smile broke out on her face. Click! That was the shot.

The Revelation: The Art of Choosing the Right Shot

After the session, we sat down together to cull the photos. It was a revelation for her, realizing that a headshot photographer’s job extends beyond the camera. Helping clients choose the right photo that suits their purpose is just as important as capturing the perfect expressions.

The session concluded with a big, warm hug and a beaming smile on her face. As a photographer, she had embarked on a journey to find the perfect headshot. But she left with much more – an appreciation for the craft, an understanding of the nuances, and of course, a stunning headshot that truly reflected her.

So, the next time you’re contemplating a DIY job for your headshot, remember my client’s story. Because sometimes, it takes stepping in front of the camera to truly appreciate what happens behind it.

And remember, in the world of professional headshots, we’re not just taking pictures, we’re capturing you.



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