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From the Alps to Arizona: My Journey into the World of Professional Headshot Photography

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I’m Marie Feutrier, a headshot and portrait photographer nestled in the vibrant community of Gilbert, Arizona. My journey into photography is a tale of passion, exploration, and continuous learning, stretching from the picturesque French Alps of my childhood to the bustling streets of Tokyo, and finally to the sun-drenched landscapes of Arizona. Today, I want to share my story with you, tracing the path that led me to specialize in headshot photography.

From France to Japan, Learning Professional Photography

Born in France and raised by a mother with a newfound passion for painting, my early years were steeped in the arts. Our modest means didn’t allow for much experimentation in photography, each snapshot a precious commodity. Yet, my fascination with capturing people’s essences, as opposed to landscapes, grew. The human face, with its myriad expressions and stories, intrigued me far more than any mountain vista.

The ’90s brought digital photography into my hands, and with it, a new world of possibilities. I vividly remember the joy of capturing my dog in mid-sprint, a moment of pure, unbridled energy frozen in time. Yet, it wasn’t until I moved to Japan in 2005 that my photographic journey truly took shape. Armed with my first DSLR camera and a beloved 105mm lens, I delved into the world of portraits and macro photography. From the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms to the candid snapshots of Tokyo’s denizens and the first moments of my newborn’s life, photography became my language.

It was during this period, sharing my work on forums and soaking in every piece of feedback, that I learned the art of photography is as much about perspective as it is about technique. A simple shift to eye level can transform an animal portrait from ordinary to extraordinary.

Becoming A Headshot Photographer in Gilbert, Az

My move to Gilbert, Arizona, marked the beginning of my professional journey. Eager to refine my craft, I immersed myself in the world of educational groups like Sue Bryce and Creative Live. It was here, amidst the study of light and shadow, that I discovered my true passion: headshot photography.

Headshots, to me, are more than just photographs. They are a canvas where every detail matters, a space where the challenge lies in perfecting the interplay of light, expression, and posture. My love for this art form stems from the deep connection I forge with each subject. Whether it’s revealing the multifaceted expressions of an actor or coaxing a genuine smile from a business professional, the transformation that occurs in front of the camera is what fuels my passion.

Today, my focus is on crafting headshots and professional profile pictures, like those for LinkedIn. Collaborating with marketing teams and acting schools, I strive to bring out the best in my clients, showcasing their professionalism and personality in a single shot.

My New Goal: Crafting the Perfect Professional Headshot

This journey from a young girl in the Alps to a professional photographer in Arizona has taught me the power of a photograph. It’s not just about capturing a face; it’s about capturing a story. Whether you’re an actor seeking to convey a range of emotions or a professional aiming to make a strong first impression, I’m here to help you tell that story.

If my journey resonates with you or you’re looking to elevate your professional image, I invite you to follow me. Together, let’s explore how the right headshot can open doors and capture the essence of your personal brand.

Marie Feutrier, your guide on this photographic journey, invites you to delve deeper into the art of headshot photography. Follow for insights, tips, and stories from behind the lens. Let’s embark on this journey together, one snapshot at a time.



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High school senior girl with a bob haircut, wearing a light purple and gold dress, posing with her hand on her chest at Marie Feutrier's professional portrait studio in Gilbert, AZ, for her glamor senior photo.
 Marie Feutrier, a French transplant in Gilbert, AZ, masterfully captures personalities through her lens. With an accent as charming as her photos, she doesn’t just take your picture, she tells your story, one click at a time.

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