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To Show or Not to Show: Can Your Headshot Show More Than Just Your Face?

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We live in a digital age where our images often make the first impression before we do. While scrolling through LinkedIn or any professional network, you will find one common denominator – headshots. And most of them are just that, shots of people’s heads. Now, there is a reason for that. And that’s what we are going to dive into today.

Professional headshot of a software developer in Chandler, AZ. A beautiful blond woman with a soft smile, wearing a black top on a black background, differentiated by high-quality lighting.

As a professional portrait photographer, one of the most common queries I encounter is, “Can a headshot be full body?” The answer is a resounding yes. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, and context matters.

Profiles and Close-Ups – Making Sense on LinkedIn

In the universe of LinkedIn, where the real estate is indeed quite tiny, a close-up headshot fits the bill. It focuses on your face, highlighting your expressions and allowing instant recognition. As such, I advise against using a full-body shot on LinkedIn – the image is simply too small to make an impact, and it just doesn’t make sense.

When More is More – The Full-Body Perspective

Moving beyond LinkedIn and similar platforms, the concept of ‘headshots’ can be more flexible. Considering an actor’s portfolio or a dating app profile? Full-body shots can work wonders here!Gilbert, AZ business owner posing for a corporate headshot. A playful half-body portrait of him thinking with one finger on his lip, sitting at a table.

Even for your personal branding or website, a half or full-body shot can add extra dimensions. Imagine a half-body portrait with you engagingly posed at your workspace or desk. It paints a broader picture of your persona and style, going beyond just your facial features.

Full-Body Portraits – The Game-Changer


Full-body shots add a layer of personality and context that close-ups might miss. They can depict your style, environment, and even hint at your lifestyle or profession. However, it’s crucial to find a photographer who can differentiate between an editorial portrait, an actor’s portfolio, or a photo for a dating app.

The Perfect Fit – Choosing What Works for You

In summary, the choice between a close-up headshot or a full-body one really boils down to your specific needs. LinkedIn profile? Keep it close and personal. Your personal or business website? A full or half-body shot could bring more character. Actor’s portfolio or dating app profile? Go for the full picture!

Whether it’s a close-up or full-body, your headshot should echo your personality and style. As a professional specializing in corporate and business headshots, I ensure your essence shines through, irrespective of the frame. Remember, as we say in French, “The details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”



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