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Tales of a Headshot and Portrait Photographer:

The Art of Expression

What Is An Headshot Photograph?

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Headshot photography is a type of portrait photography that focuses on capturing a close-up image of a person’s face, typically from the shoulders up. The goal of a headshot is to showcase the subject’s unique features, personality, and professionalism, making it a popular style of photography for actors, models, business professionals, and anyone else who needs a high-quality image for professional or personal purposes.

In headshot photography, a genuine expression is fundamental. You want to create positive attention. Therefore, I will work with the subject to create a comfortable and relaxed environment and guide poses, facial expressions, and wardrobe choices to ensure the best possible outcome. So the resulting image can be used in a variety of contexts, such as on a website, business card, resume, or social media profile.


What’s the difference between a corporate headshot and a profile picture?

A corporate headshot and a profile picture both serve the same purpose of representing the individual in a professional manner, but there are some differences between the two.

A corporate headshot is a professional portrait photograph used for various business-related purposes, such as on a company website, brochure, annual report, or press release. It is usually taken in a studio or a corporate setting and may be used for multiple purposes.

On the other hand, a profile picture is specifically intended for use on social networking sites. It is often less formal than a corporate headshot but still professional in appearance. The photo should convey the individual’s personality and brand while also being appropriate for their industry and job. Profile pictures are often viewed by potential employers or clients, so choosing an image that represents you in the best possible light is important.

In summary, a corporate headshot is a more general-purpose professional photograph that can be used in a variety of business contexts, while a profile picture is a specifically tailored image for use on the LinkedIn networking platform.


The level of formality or casualness for a profile picture on social media will depend on each platform’s intended purpose and audience.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and therefore it is generally recommended to use a professional-looking profile picture that is appropriate for the industry and job you are in. A headshot or a portrait that is well-lit, in-focus, and showcases a professional appearance is often the best choice for LinkedIn. Avoid using overly casual or distracting photos, as they may not be well-received by potential employers or clients.

Facebook is a more personal social networking site, and therefore a profile picture on this platform can be more casual or informal than LinkedIn. However, it is still important to choose a photo that is appropriate for the audience and not too revealing or inappropriate. A photo that showcases your personality or hobbies can be a good choice for Facebook.

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that focuses more on creativity and personal expression; therefore, the profile picture can be even more casual or artistic. A photo that captures your personal brand or style is often a good choice for Instagram. However, it is important to remember that Instagram is a public platform, and therefore you should still choose a photo that is appropriate and not too revealing.

In a nutshell, while each platform has its own level of formality or casualness, it is always important to choose a profile picture that represents you in a positive and appropriate manner.



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