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If you’re looking for a Gilbert headshot photographer who can create impactful, engaging portrait photos that showcase your individuality and unique personality, look no further than Marie Feutrier!

Whether you need executive portraits for your business or stunning actors’ headshots to land that next big role, reimagine the difference a truly stunning image could make.

Beautiful. Impactful. Purposeful.

Headshots in Gilbert

Introduce yourself to your audience with powerful portraits that convey true emotion and personality. My goal is to create beautiful, impactful, and engaging headshots that suit the purpose you need them for.  Power poses, candid brand shots, smiles, smirks, and everything in between. Your images will be…


Your headshots will give a great first impression to the people who matter. Look your best on the day. I will coach you before and during the photoshoot; I’ll give you a guide on how to best prepare for your session. I will help you by studying your brand if you have one, or by getting to know you. I want to understand who you are…behind the smile!


Not everyone has a movie star smile, but everyone has a unique look. One of the great portrait photographers – Peter Hurley – calls it “lookability”! Together we will discover your personality, your ‘joie de vivre’ as we call it in France. I will capture that unique expression that will impact people, helping them remember who you are.


Simply taking stunning images is not enough. A headshot is a digital asset – put your picture to work. My headshots will fit your brand, your audience, and what you intend to use them for. For Facebook we can have more fun with your expression, for LinkedIn, we go more professional, for your website…we fit your brand personality.

Thank you for sending both the print and web version of the photo – it is beautiful! The direction you gave combined with the gray background really makes me pop. I love it.


Not a Model…Not a Problem!

Most people are more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, so no modeling skills are required on my shoots. I’m the professional, which means you don’t have to be! Just be yourself. Relax. I will guide you from the start. After a few photos, you’ll feel more comfortable, and you may even enjoy yourself! That’s when the magic happens. Fifteen minutes in, you’ll be an expert. My clients usually leave my Gilbert portrait studio saying that they didn’t expect a photoshoot to be that much fun!

If you feel your personality will explode through the lens outside on location as opposed to my studio, we can do a street walk shoot. I can shoot on location, at your place, or on the streets in a cool, trendy area that better suits your vibe! Let’s discuss that in more detail, and I can provide you with custom pricing.

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Man wearing a lab coat

Business & Brand Headshots

Let’s bring attitude to the traditional corporate headshot. There’s no reason for your professional headshot to be boring. Show people who you are!

Actor Headshots

Casting agencies want to see your personality above all, so let’s give it to them! We’ll shoot a range of expressions. Let’s wow them with your talent!

Author Headshots

A professional author headshot can help you find a publisher if you’re getting started, or help you promote your published book to improve sales!

Kirby and Maria

Branding Photography

Your photos are like footprints in the sand. Nobody really notices them but they leave an impression. I ensure that your photos are going to show your professionalism, your personality, and reflect your brand.  Read more

Marie Feutrier

Meet Marie Feutrier

Experienced Headshot Photographer in Gilbert

My name is Marie, and I would love to take your photo! My accent will quickly tell you that I’m originally from Nice, in the south of France. I have been a professional portrait and headshot photographer in Gilbert since 2017. My passion for photography is in discovering your human gorgeousness, your personality, your brand. I want you to leave my studio with images that convey your captivating spirit! This is not your high school headshot! When I’m photographing you, I want to feel your spirit in person and through the camera.


~ Marie Feutrier Owner/Photographer