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I’m Marie Feutrier

Portrait and Headshots Photographer

As a seasoned headshot and portrait photographer in Phoenix, I channel my passion and expertise into creating beautiful images that capture and elevate your brand. I’m excited to share my journey, insights, and photography with you. Welcome to my page!

-Marie Feutrier

Marie Feutrier, award-winning headshot photographer in Gilbert, elegantly posed in a red gown on a brown leather armchair, embodying her passion for capturing personality and spirit through photography against a green backdrop.

Marie Feutrier, Professional Photographer and More

Collage of Marie Feutrier, portrait photographer, in seven poses: holding US flag and baguette for dual citizenship, with cappuccino and macaron, showcasing a family photo, posing with her dogs, holding a camera, playing with a PlayStation joystick, and in full backpacking gear.

Here’s the snapshot: Born in Nice, France now an Arizona enthusiast, especially the Grand Canyon’s majesty. Studied economy, but photography stole my heart. I don’t just capture; I craft marketing magic with my lens. Off-duty? Backpacking the wild or leveling up in video games. That’s Marie in a flash!

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Stories Behind My Favorite Shots

From cherished family moments to leaps of creative courage and capturing raw emotions, these snapshots tell the tales of my growth and discovery.

Madeleine seated with black dog Mirou on lap, wearing skirt, cardigan, and apron in Saint-Bonnet en Champsaur - historical family photo by Vivian Maier.

My Grandmother in Vivian Maier's Lens


My Grandmother in Vivian Maier's Lens

In a small French village, stories of my grandma and her dear dog, Mirou, were shared often. I believed we only had one picture of grandma and none of Mirou. But then, a surprise from Chicago changed that. They found photos by a famous lady, Vivian Maier. Amazingly, one of those photos showed my grandma with Mirou! It felt like finding a hidden treasure. This isn’t just a regular picture; it’s a special connection to my past.

Group of teenagers forming a human mandala at the beach, fun creative photography moment

A Lively Circle of Friends


Beach Experiment: The Unexpected Mandala

When I was 14, summer camp led me to one of those spontaneous photography adventures. On a beach day, a quirky idea popped into my head. I asked five friends to huddle together, their heads forming the center of a playful human mandala, with arms creating a unique pattern. I dove beneath, snapping a picture from below. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece. Their faces were tucked in shadows, and the bright sky dominated the backdrop.

Yet, when I looked at the result, I couldn’t help but smile. No, it wasn’t going to win any awards. But that wasn’t the point. The lively patterns, the spontaneous mandala, and the sheer fun of the moment stood out. It’s one of those images that constantly nudges me to step out of my comfort zone. It’s a reminder to stay curious, take risks, and embrace my journey of continuous growth and exploration as a photographer.

Christmas 2019 candid photo of Marie, Vincent, their three children, and extended family animatedly interacting over a bottle, showcasing genuine personalities.

Christmas Chaos


A Bottle and a Burst of Personalities

As someone trained to direct and pose individuals who might not be comfortable in front of the camera, I’ve always had an eye for the ‘perfect’ shot. But Christmas 2019 offered a delightful break from the norm. It was chaos – and I loved every bit of it. My family, fighting over a bottle, were unapologetically themselves. Every person in the frame was doing something different, letting their true personalities shine through.

The resulting image is a tapestry of emotions and actions that tell a rich story. It’s raw, genuine, and full of life. It reminds me that as much as I love to create the perfect shot, there’s undeniable beauty in letting people be. To capture them in their essence, sometimes all I need to do is step back and let the moment unfold.

Places where I used to live

I’m from France, spent 3.5 years in Japan, and moved in Gilbert,Az in 2008.

Marie posing in front of the Grand Canyon at sundown
Marie and Vincent Feutrier posing outdoor with the view of the Cote d'Azur behind them
Marie Feutrier in front of a Japanese temple with red walls in Kumamoto