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Can Your Headshot Be a Selfie? Unveiling the Art of Professional Profile Pictures

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Nowadays, our online presence is as significant as our physical one, the quality of your profile picture is a continuous reflection of your personal or professional identity. I’m Marie Feutrier, a portrait and headshot photographer from the sunny city of Gilbert, Az. Let’s explore a common query: Can headshots be a selfie?

While the question might seem straightforward, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. However, especially for professional contexts, I recommend steering clear of selfies. Your profile picture on platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn isn’t just a one-off first impression; it’s a lasting image that represents you with every post, comment, and interaction. So, consider this: do you want an image that potentially features an awkward arm to be the face of your online persona?

Crafting the Perfect Profile Picture Solo

If you find yourself needing to capture a profile picture without assistance, here’s a pro tip: use a tripod and record a video of yourself. This method allows for a natural, hands-free approach, enabling you to select the perfect expression from a range of moments. Simply pause the video at your best shot and take a screenshot for an effortlessly polished look.

Things to Watch Out For


Choose a backdrop that won’t steal the spotlight. A cluttered or busy background can detract from the main subject—you. Opt for simplicity to ensure you stand out distinctly.

Dress and Grooming:

Authenticity wins. Dress in a way that feels true to your everyday self while leaning towards the polished side. This means choosing outfits that boost your confidence without feeling out of character.


The right lighting is crucial. Natural light, particularly when not direct, is ideal. In Phoenix, capturing the soft morning light can produce beautiful results. Otherwise, positioning yourself near a window can offer that perfect, diffused light that flatters without overwhelming.

Creating a professional-looking profile picture on your own is definitely doable. The aim is to present a version of yourself that you’re proud to share across the digital landscape. This involves more than just avoiding a selfie’s limitations; it’s about embracing the opportunity to showcase your best self through thoughtful preparation and execution.

Your online image is a powerful tool in shaping how others perceive you, not just at a glance, but over time. A professional headshot stands as a testament to your commitment to quality and professionalism, making every online interaction count.

For ongoing advice and insights into leveraging photography to enhance your digital identity, keep following. Let’s ensure that your online presence is as impactful and authentic as you are.

Marie Feutrier, here to guide you through the nuances of professional photography, invites you to embrace the journey of capturing your essence, one snapshot at a time. Together, let’s craft images that resonate and inspire, paving the way to a vivid online persona. Stay tuned for more!



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