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Hair Up or Down for Headshots?

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LinkedIn profile picture of Joey, white woman with blue eyes, contagious full-teeth smile, voluminous soft curls, facing camera, grey studio background in Gilbert - LinkedIn profile picture, professional headshot, engaging smile.Are you prepping for a headshot and teetering on the edge of a hair-raising decision? Do you let your locks flow like a river or scoop them up in an elegant summit atop your head? It’s the eternal question: Should your hair be up or down for that career-defining shot? Well, let’s untangle this hairy conundrum together.

Be True to You: Authenticity in Branding and LinkedIn Photos

When it comes to personal branding photoshoots or the professional realm of LinkedIn, authenticity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of your image. If you’re someone who always has their hair down, creating waves that rival the ocean’s beauty, then why opt for an updo that feels as foreign as a snowstorm in the Sahara?

Imagine a potential client or employer meets you for the first time after perusing your LinkedIn profile. They expect to shake hands with the person in the photo – the one whose hair cascaded down their shoulders with the grace of a ballet dancer. But instead, they’re greeted by a slick, tightly bound bun. It’s disorienting, a tad confusing, and frankly, it’s not the you that you’ve portrayed.

Acting Headshots: A Character’s Tale Told Through TressesJoey, white female actor with dark hair and blue eyes, smiling with hair down in Gilbert studio headshot, body angled sideways, head facing camera, grey background

Now, actors, listen up! Your headshot is your silent audition before you ever set foot on stage or in front of a camera. It’s where you morph into the characters you wish to embody. If you’re going for the role of a fierce CEO in a power suit, perhaps an updo shouts confidence. Or if you’re auditioning for the free-spirited traveler, let those locks flow freely.

The key here is versatility and adaptability. Ensure your hairstyle aligns with the character traits you’re aiming to portray. Remember, in acting, your headshot is your first call to action. Make it speak volumes.

The Model’s Palette: Beauty Shots and Polaroids

And now, a word to our models. In the world of high fashion and striking beauty shots, your features are the pièce de résistance. Here, we strip back to the basics to let your natural beauty shine, unadorned and unobscured. This is where the updo truly has its moment under the sun – or the photographer’s lights, to be more precise.

For model polaroids, the less distraction, the better. Agents and scouts want to see you in your natural state – no frills, no spills, and no flowing hair to hide behind. It’s your bone structure, the line of your jaw, the curve of your cheekbones, and the sparkle in your eyes that take center stage.

Beauty headshot of Joey in Gilbert studio, white woman with dark hair in tight ponytail, wearing spaghetti strap tank top, highlighting facial features on grey backgroundTo Flip or Not to Flip: That Is the Question

So, should your hair be flipped up or left to kiss your shoulders? The answer isn’t etched in stone; it’s etched in the brand you wish to represent, the character you aim to play, and the authenticity you want to project.

In the symphony of shutters and lenses, your headshot should harmonize with your daily symphony. For corporate shots, branding images, and LinkedIn profiles, be the best version of your everyday self. But when it comes to acting, transform into the role you seek with every strand at your disposal.

And for our models? Sometimes, it’s about stripping back to the raw canvas, hair swept away, so your natural visage can tell its story.

In closing, your hair, your headshot, your rules – with just a little guidance from the sidelines. Remember, whether it’s up, down, or all around, the best hairstyle is the one that makes you feel like a superstar because confidence? That’s always picture-perfect.

Until next time, keep shining, and keep smiling.



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