A Guide on how to prepare for your photoshoot

Headshots and Portraits

I’m so happy that you booked a headshot with me. I’m excited to have you.

Here are some basic tips for a great professional headshot. Pick the ones that apply to you.


what to wear

We want people to see the real you. Wear what you would be wearing at work but slightly better. Drop the tie unless your profession is deemed as experts like lawyers, bankers, or consultants.

  • Avoid baggie collars and puffy sleeves. Fitted is slimming.
  • Avoid bold patterns and strong contrast on your clothes. However, you can wear any color you’re comfortable in.
  • Iron your clothes.
Man wearing a grey suit without a tie
Woman with 2 silvers studs and one big diamond earrings.

About jewelry

  • Avoid jewelry. It’s distracting. We want people to look at your eyes.
  • Earrings: studs are okay. Avoid going bigger.

be well groomed

  • Get a trim.
  • If you color your hair, touch up your roots.
  • Gentlemen, come with a clean shave.
  • The skin is one of the essential features of your headshot. Try to hydrate your skin with a moisturizer the week before and drink a lot of water.
  • For healthy skin tones, avoid alcohol the day before.
  • Sleep well the night before.
Man with a long beard wearing a suit and tie

Make up

  • Wear your usual makeup. A classic composition is going to make you look trustworthy. Unless you’re a professional of the industry, avoid playing with fancy colors and trendy style.
  • I recommend the help of a professional makeup artist who knows how to do a natural look.
  • Avoid heavy contouring. It can appear muddy.
  • Do not worry if you have a pimple. It’s easy to remove in Photoshop.

Marie Feutrier

Portrait photographer