How to take a good headshot without professional equipment

by | Apr 14, 2022

How to take a good headshot without professional equipment

Capturing a great headshot can be a challenge, especially if you’re using a phone and don’t have access to professional lighting equipment. One technique that can help you take a great headshot with a phone is to use an open shade and a tripod.

First, it’s essential to find the right location: No clutter in the background and open shade.

Open Shade

Open shade is a type of lighting that is soft and even, and you can find it in areas where a large object, such as a building or a tree, blocks the sun. The best light is in the shade of a white wall. This type of lighting is ideal for headshots because it eliminates harsh shadows and creates a flattering, natural-looking illumination on the subject’s face.
Once you’ve found a spot with open shade, Put your phone on a tripod. Being a little further away will help you avoid the distortion the phone lens creates. Now, it’s time to record a VIDEO of yourself.

Focus on your expressions. A great headshot captures the subject’s personality and character, so trying out a range of expressions is essential. Smile, look serious, raise your eyebrows, and so on. Move your face so you get all angles. Look at your video frame by frame and screenshot your favorite.

This photo was taken on my patio in the middle of the day, without artificial lights. Because the subject was in the shade, his face had no hard shadows. It’s a beautiful light for portraits and was Richard Avedon’s favorite.

In conclusion, remember that you only need a phone and an open shade to capture a good profile picture.

Written by Marie
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